Apache Cordova for Android Whitelist Bypass for Non-HTTP URLs

Aleph Research Advisory





Apache Cordova for Android

Vulnerable Version

3.5.0 and below


Upgrade to 3.5.1 or later

Technical Details

In order to ensure that a Cordova WebView only allows requests to URLs in the configured whitelist, the framework overrides Android’s shouldInterceptRequest(). The use of shouldInterceptRequest() to provide the whitelisting mechanism is problematic in that it is used to intercept only certain requests (such as those serviced over HTTP/S or through the file URI). There may be protocols for which this function is not called by the Android framework. As of Android 4.4 KitKat, the WebView is rendered by Chromium and supports Web Sockets which one such protocol. An attacker can therefore make use of a WebSocket connection to bypass the Cordova whitelisting mechanism. Interestingly, Android exposes no current API which will intercept a Web Socket connection (this is planned for a future release of Android).



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